I have a passion for capturing beautiful moments in time. Whether it's nature, family, or weddings, photography is an art that I truly love.

I started off as a youth sports photographer and have been expanding into different and exciting areas. Living in Buffalo I find no shortage of interesting and beautiful places and people to photograph. My favorite models are my three crazy children!

My kids are the driving force behind my photography. They drive me nuts, but boy are they cute! Shaun is my 6 year old son, an animal lover and nurturer at heart. My wild child Eden is 5 years old, crazy cute, and loves playing dress-up. My last is the baby and the happiest girl in the world. Sydney is 3 years old and keeps me busy! I'm fortunate enough to stay home with them and work as a photographer, thanks to my hard working and fantastic husband Michael. We've been married for 7 years and he's my biggest supporter!