2016 Summer Weddings

This summer has been a great season for me. I've had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful weddings and attend 4 as a guest. 2016 truly was a summer full of love! 

I think my favorite part of wedding photography is the people I get to work with! I've been so fortunate to work with some amazing photographers like Kristy Tasca and Bryan Wray. They've selflessly taught me so much and given me tips and tricks on how to catch the perfect shots. Without them I would've taken much longer to get to where I'm at today. As a whole, the photography industry has been very kind and welcoming to me. 

I'm a bit sad that wedding season is coming to an end, but my favorite is starting! I seriously LOVE autumn and the gorgeous fall family photos with the changing leaves. I can't wait to get some families and kiddos out playing in the leaves this year! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer & the start of your fall! <3