Being Mommy & a Professional Photographer

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to share all sorts of fun things with you in the future- from session experiences, tips and tricks, and crafty ways to display your portraits.

First, let me introduce myself- my name is Christina Marie Timblin and I am 31 years young. I have been a photographer for about 4 years now and love everything about it! I'm married to an amazing man and have 3 wonderful children. I love animals more than most people I know, enjoy sewing, crafting, remodeling, and all things art and music. 

I started my photography career in the sports world- youth sports, to be specific. It was a great learning experience for me and helped me in more ways that I had realized at the time. I learned the ins and outs of dealing with tricky kids (and their sometimes trickier parents!), correct photo editing, proper lighting, camera tips, etc. I've since moved on to mostly family and wedding photography and absolutely love it. How many people can say they love what they do for a living?! (Seriously. I managed to turn a favorite hobby into a career- how awesome is that?)


Balancing it all isn't always easy, sometimes it's downright stressful. On top of my photography business and home life, I also have a pretty awesome little sewing business. I make a variety of baby items and call it work! Aha! Another favorite pastime turned into a successful "job"! Seriously though- it's taken me a good year to figure out how to balance everything and it's just now all stating to click into place easier. If I could offer up any advice it would be to ask for help. I rely heavily on my husband to help with both businesses and family members to help with childcare. When I need to get work done I reach out and ask for someone to come entertain the rugrats. It's the easiest thing to tell someone to do, but it isn't always the easiest for those of us who like to do all! 


Thanks for stopping by and seeing what Christina Timblin Photography is all about and I look forward to updating you on all sorts of fun stuff in the future!